Preschool for the Arts at St. Annes

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Amy Hoffman and the PTO Leads work closely throughout the year to align the many activities that are organized for our students and families. You will receive weekly e-blasts as well as intermittent flyers in your childs red folder to communicate enrichment activities, fundraisers and social events hosted for the children!

Calendar/Events (Enrichment & Fundraisers)

The PTO Calendar of events will be posted on the PTO Bulletin which is just down the hall from the Main Office. Additionally, below are the upcoming events that have been confirmed in an effort to help our families plan in advance.

Digital Calendar

PTO Planning Meetings

(BRING YOUR CHILDREN!!! Toys provided for children during the meeting- noise is no problem!)

We need your help! Please attend at your convenience our PTO meetings. We value your opinion and need your helping hands! These meetings are held at 9:05am after drop-off in a room that is available day of. The meetings are for 30-45 min depending on the level of activities we have going on. If you can only stay for 15 min, please STILL COME!!! Please check-in at the Main Office and they will provide the location of the PTO meeting that day.

PTO Minutes


Parent Volunteers play a vital role in our childrens experience at PASA. In addition to our PTO meetings held monthly, we have sent home a sign-up sheet for your consideration to participate. Please return this in your childs red folder the first week of school if you are interested in helping. There are many questions when it comes to volunteering, so please reach out to Haley Jurkowski (information below) no matter what the question!

PTO Room Parents

Memory Book

A Memory Book is given to all students at the end of the year. The PTO has graciously taken the lead on creating this masterful book of fun pictures that help us re-live the year. We will ask for a class photographer that will capture moments of all students so every face is represented in our Memory Book. We also welcome any pictures you take while at PASA events and/or at the school so please upload your pictures on:


Login: Password: memorybook2020

2019-20 PTO Leads

Haley Jurkowski

Susan Emerson: Fundraising

Katie McGrath: Fundraising

Brady Cherneski: Enrichment

Amanda Rzepkowski: Community Service

Heather Hartman: Treasurer 410.991.5171

Thank you for your interest in the PASA PTO!