Preschool for the Arts at St. Annes

PASA Administrators and Teachers

Mrs. Amy Hoffman (  
Finance Manager
Mrs. Kirsten Hair (
Assistant Director
Mrs. Caprice Turano (
Mrs. Meg Kimble
Mrs. Krissy Harrison
Mrs. Rebecca Roemer
Ms. Kelly Sandusky
Two's Lead Teachers
Mrs. Tracey Makela (
Mrs. Leslie Dougherty (
Mrs. Jennifer Glendenning
Two's Teaching Aides
Ms. Linn Williams
Ms. Stacey Rogers
Ms. Kelly Sandusky
Three's Lead Teachers
Mrs. Tracey Makela (
Mrs. Jennifer Glendening (
Mrs. Katrina Stewart (
Ms. Lea Traynor (
Three's Teaching Aides
Mrs. Lois Kressig
Mrs. Krystal Vargas
Ms. Stacey Dent
Mrs. Amy Ladd
Four's Lead Teachers
Mrs. Susan Gibson (
Mrs. Kelly Geraty (
Four's Teaching Aides
Mrs. Nancy Carroll
Mrs. Lauren Werely-Wolf